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Score from anywhere wearing adidas Predator Elite Laceless/Laced FG/AG/TF football boots,the lightest, most goal-hungry Predator yet. 1.The goal rush. It's the best feeling in foot..
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Score from anywhere wearing adidas Predator Elite Laceless/Laced FG/AG/TF football boots,the lightest, most goal-hungry Predator yet.
1.The goal rush. It's the best feeling in football. And now it's yours, whenever you like.
2.Crafted for supreme confidence, the new Predator allows you to control the game in the most decisive way: by scoring at will.
3.It's a next-gen boot for next-gen players. Players who aren't bound by tradition or position. Players who turn pressure into focus. See Jude Bellingham striding into space and slotting for fun, like he’s playing in his back yard? That's the Predator mindset.
4.The upgraded design brings goals to everyone, providing unerring accuracy so you produce the goods when it counts.
5.The soft HybridTouch 2.0 upper combines synthetic suede and foil to offer a cushioned touch while maintaining a structured fit for comfort and support. At the forefoot, Strikeskin rubber fins give extra grip on the ball for that trademark swerve and precision on shots.
6.Underneath, the ControlFrame 2.0 soleplate is a true all-rounder, featuring multidirectional traction and an external heel counter for a mix of agility, speed, and stability.
7.And yes, this is the lightest Predator ever, giving an on-foot feel that practically begs you to play positive football. Well then, what you got?
8.If you hadn't noticed, adi have switched up their boot names, swapping out the old numbered system for descriptive words instead. It's easy: you've now got the entry-level Essentials, then, as you step up through the ranks, the Club, League, Pro, Elite, and finally the top-tier Elite+.

Adidas Predator
Perhaps the most famous boot of all, the Predator has been a dominant force in football ever since its debut in 1994.
There have been many different models of the Pred over the years, some similar to one another, others wildly different. The core concept, though, has remained the same throughout the decades: the Predator allows you to strike the ball better, in every respect.
That idea goes all the way back to the original Predator. Dubbed “100% legal, 0% fair; in its initial ad campaign-a nod to the boot's rubber forefoot fins and the unreasonable advantages they gave for generating power and swerve-the 94 OG Pred was a true gamechanger in boot design and a precursor for much of the technology we see on boots today.
From the Accelerator and Mania back in the day to the Mutator, Edge, and Accuracy of recent years, the Predator’s combination of a sturdy, supportive feel, comfortable fit, and, of course, its excellent passing and shooting capabilities, has made it a favourite with players across the globe. In short, if you want to control the game like Beckham, Zidane, Gerrard, Del Piero, Pogba, and many more, the Pred is the natural choice.
Laceless football boots do away with traditional laces, typically in favour of stretchy, adaptive closures to create a streamlined fit and feel. Without laces getting in the way, they give you a more direct connection with the ball, amplifying control and offering a clean contact area for passing and shooting.
No laces also means no delay in getting your boots on and ready to play, and avoids the possibility of a loose boot letting you down in a vital moment once you’re on the pitch. They look stylish too, forming a sleek silhouette that makes the goals you score in them seem just that little bit better.

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